Cygnets Holiday Cheer: The start of a seasonal tradition

The Cygnets Holiday Cheer debuted with the First Cygnets in 2022, consisting of 38 Grade 9 students who put on a spectacular production. This year’s extravaganza on December 20 had 174 students from Grades 5 to 10 participate in an evening that solidified this holiday tradition for St. Anne’s School (SAS).

The callout for talent was answered by eager students intrigued by the idea of taking centre stage. With the opportunity to be a part of a blooming school tradition, the production was packed with students eager to share their skills and talents. Musicians, singers, dancers, and more began their Cygnets Holiday Cheer journey in October to be ready to conquer the show in December.

School-wide practices went from being in the gym at St. Anne’s to Ketchum Auditorium at nearby St. Andrew’s College (SAC), where the Cygnets Holiday Cheer would be hosted. The sound of SAS girls rehearsing was a backdrop for the rush of SAC boys going from class to class, just one example of our two schools co-existing.

However, the night of the Cygnets Holiday Cheer left everyone wondering if the Cygnets will need a larger space for their overflowing talents next year. Ketchum Auditorium did not have an empty seat in sight as parents, grandparents, and siblings filled the space to watch the holiday show, which launched with a school-wide performance of Let It Snow, setting the tone for the rest of the night.

As students sang, some put their arm around a friend, waved at a family member, or joyfully smiled at every word. Emotional solos by Maya, Grade 10, and Idara, Grade 9, received massive cheers. In contrast, a comedic solo by Madeleine, Grade 6, was met with a wave of laughter. Piano solos by Sophia, Grade 9, and Emma, Grade 6, intrigued audience members at every note. The Grades 6, 7, and 8 bands and the Symphonic Band, comprised of Grade 9 and 10 students, had their first performances in front of a crowd, leaving many parents proud of their daughters’ skills since receiving their instruments in September.

There were dance and drama numbers by the Middle School Arts, a drum solo by Mia, Grade 6, Middle School choir performances, and a Twelve Days of Christmas performance with a comedic twist. There were a few SAC boys who also made an appearance on stage.

The students received a well-deserved standing ovation, and gratitude was extended to the staff involved in staging this fantastic holiday production.

Story by Natasha Daley
  • St. Anne’s School is located one kilometre from the St. Andrew’s College campus in Aurora. As partner schools, we take advantage of academic experiences, programs, and events where sharing is beneficial to both schools and their students. Both schools are deeply committed to single-gender education.

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