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List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What specialized academic programs are offered to high school students?

    A: At St. Anne’s, we offer Reach Ahead Math, Extended French, and Advanced Placement courses in addition to entrepreneurship and leadership classes and extracurricular activities. AP courses are internationally recognized, accelerated, and flexible and provide solid preparation for university entrance. Some of the completed courses can be applied against a student’s post-secondary requirements for graduation.
    Additionally, students at all levels will find our programming to have a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) focus driven by a project-based learning model in which inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration are the foundational strategies to process-driven work that culminates with a final product.
  • What co-curricular programs are offered to girls starting in 2023?

    Our mandate is to offer as many athletic and co-curricular programs as possible and reflective of each student’s grade level – core (Grades 5/6), rotary (Grades 7/8), and Upper School (Grades 9/10).

    For athletics, students will represent St. Anne’s at the U12, U13, U14, and U16 levels or participate in various fitness programs. In terms of co-curricular offerings, Middle School students may access a variety of visual arts, pottery, debate, media, makerspace, coding, dance, music, drama, cooking, and more. Upper School students will participate in the Arts/Co-curricular Plus (ACPlus) program offered at St. Andrew’s College, our partner institution.
  • Does St. Anne’s offer busing?

    We are exploring options to offer a St. Anne’s bus service for 2023. We are investigating several pick-up locations based on demand in certain areas. If feasible, the shuttle service would run in the mornings only as afterschool programs culminate at varying times of the afternoon.
    A shuttle service from the Aurora GO station to SAS may also be offered in 2023 but will only be open to students in Grade 9 and above.
    There will be an annual cost per student registered to use SAS transportation. A price has not yet been determined.
    Carpooling or hiring a private transportation company are also options that your family may consider.
  • How many students will you accept into each grade in 2023?

    For September 2023, we are offering one class in each Middle School Grade from 5 to 8 and will accept three classes of Grade 9 students. Middle School class sizes are no larger than 20, and Upper School class sizes are planned for 22. A few spots are available for Grade 10.
  • What will the tuition be in 2023? Will there be scholarships and financial assistance to help offset the tuition costs?

    Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for information on the 2023-2024 academic year. 
    We are committed to a robust and fulsome scholarship and bursary program to help make SAS accessible to as wide a population as possible. Currently, available monies are modest, but our strategic plan emphasizes developing a strong sense of philanthropy to help make St. Anne’s affordable for families who qualify for tuition assistance. 

    If your daughter is entering Grade 9 in the fall, please ask us about our Anne Dunin Scholarship.
  • What does a typical day look like for a St. Anne’s student?

    Firstly, your daughter will be jumping out of bed, eager to begin her day! She can expect a warm and friendly greeting from teachers, administration, and friends at the student entrance.

    Middle School students will begin their academic day with an advisory activity followed by two blocks of classes, project-based and interdisciplinary in nature. Lunch, recess, and two more classes will complete the academic day. After school, your daughter will participate in athletics or another co-curricular program. Innovative programming focused on STEAM is integrated into the academic program, as well as outdoor education and community service opportunities.

    The result? A tired but happy child at the end of the day.

    Upper School students will experience a similar academic day, with some differences to address their developmental stage and social-emotional learning, as well as a significant focus on leadership and post-secondary preparation.
  • What are the school hours? Describe the academic calendar.

    School begins between 8:30 and 8:45 a.m. depending on your daughter’s grade, and the academic day will close by 3:30 p.m. Athletics and co-curricular programs will follow, and the end time for each activity may differ. Middle School students will finish their day by 5 p.m. and Upper School by 5:30 p.m. Some activities, such as drama rehearsals, will run later into the evening and sometimes on weekends.
    The academic calendar will be available in June for the following year. Due to the rigorous nature of the St. Anne’s experience, students will be afforded additional time off, similar to PA days in the public system, such as four-day weekends in October, November, February, and May and an additional week at March Break.
  • What is the school’s educational philosophy? 

    At St. Anne’s, we offer a holistic education. The curriculum is connected to ensure a better understanding of individual subject matters and allow students to take their natural curiosity and apply it to their learning. Students will reach their highest potential when they are engaged, which is why we focus on learning by doing through a project-based model.

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