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List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Where is St. Anne’s School located?

    St. Anne's School is located within the Shining Hill community on the northwest side of Yonge Street at 306 St. John's Sideroad. On the property stands a stately Jacobean manor, which serves as the school's main building.
  • Is SAS only for privileged and wealthy families?

    No! St. Anne's provides scholarship and bursary assistance, and we endeavour to continue building this program.
  • Do you offer boarding?

    Currently, we do not offer a boarding program. We plan to add a boarding program when we have the facilities to house a boarding community. Once available, St. Anne's boarders will come to appreciate the vibrant and innovative programming designed to set them on their path to independence and success and develop lifelong friendships.
  • Where do your students come from?

    As a day school, our students are from all over York Region and its neighbouring regions are welcome to apply. We aim to have as diverse a community as Aurora itself. As the only school for girls north of Hwy. 401, we attract prospective students from all areas within and outside York Region. 
  • Is St. Anne’s a faith-based school?

    St. Anne's School is non-denominational, offering an interfaith component. Gathering time is used for reflection, motivation, and inspiration. It is a time when music is played, conversation is had, laughter is present, and thoughtfulness abounds. This gathering time is an inclusive space, and the curriculum is relevant to the lives of students today. 
  • Who funds St. Anne's School?

    Our partner school, St. Andrew's College, provided the initial funds to get the school started. We are looking for donors who believe in the school to assist with the repayment of the initial purchase and the development of future facilities and the Endowment Fund. 
  • Who financially profits from this school?

    No one financially profits from St. Anne's School. Like most independent schools in the country, St. Anne's School is an independent educational institution, which means it is a not-for-profit run by a volunteer Board of Governors.
  • What are the class sizes?

    Class sizes are small, with a high teacher-to-student ratio.
  • How many acres does the school sit on?

    St. Anne's has 10.5 acres of land for the future development of academic and arts buildings, athletic facilities, and boarding houses. The ten acres are surrounded by multiple acres of green space used for outdoor education.
  • How linked is St. Anne's School to St. Andrew's College?

    St. Anne's School is located one kilometre from the St. Andrew's College campus. As partner schools, we take advantage of academic experiences, programs, and events where sharing is beneficial to both schools and their students, such as theatre productions, Arts/Co-Curricular Plus, and community service opportunities. St. Anne's is not a co-ed school, and we are deeply committed to single-gender education.
  • My son or daughter attends (or is planning to attend) SAC or SAS. How does this partnership affect them?

    The role of single-gender schools in today's climate have evolved, and so has our need to educate students in single-gender schools. The challenges confronting boys and girls today, such as sexual citizenship and social responsibility, have encouraged active consideration in the way boys and girls see their roles and interact in various settings. As a leader in boys' and girls single-gender education, we have a responsibility to ensure we are providing the opportunities necessary for this healthy interaction and to be positive members of society who promote equity, inclusion, and diversity.
    The additional benefit of this partnership is the proximity of our schools. There are advantages to twinning a school for boys with a school for girls nearby. Such a twinning:
    • provides authentic and diverse social opportunities
    • prepares students for the real world
    • provides opportunities to engage in selective academic experiences that lend themselves to co-ed environments
    • provides opportunities for shared resources, including curricular matters and faculty development
  • Will you build other facilities on the St. Anne's Campus?

    St. Anne's offers a variety of interior and exterior facilities to meet the needs of our students. We are developing a Campus Master Plan to address additional areas. 

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