Why SAS?

The foundation of an all-girls education is based on opportunity, exploration, and discovery. This philosophy often leads to a hidden talent, mastery of an already established interest, or unleashing a passion. An all-girls setting provides a safe, nurturing, and caring environment to build the opportunity to think, discover, expand confidence, and foster an inclination to be yourself.
At St. Anne’s, we: 
Encourage exploration without inhibition 
Strengthen confidence and encourage risk-taking 
Diminish media-driven expectations 
Promote teaching and learning strategies that support girls 
Embolden an ‘I can do anything’ attitude
Build leadership capacity for a complex and uncertain world 
Foster sisterhood and promote lifting each other up 
Construct self-belief 
Push back against injustice 
Inspire truth 
Celebrate equity, diversity, and inclusion 
Develop student voice 
Be bold
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