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How lucky I am to have the unique opportunity to be the first Head of St. Anne’s School. As we begin our start-up journey, our priority is to forge a community of young women based on authenticity, kindness, and a desire to cultivate change. I cannot wait to get started.

Founding a school from inception provides a platform of endless opportunity to establish the culture, lay the groundwork for building tradition, and set the stage for what will become a unique educational experience complete with progressive programming, community connections, and social-emotional learning.

The first girls of St. Anne’s School will be challenged to be more than students; they will be called to the table to share their voice and engage in the process that builds the SAS foundation. It will be exhilarating to empower the SAS girls to be part of such an important process in establishing St. Anne’s.

The time has come to excite York Region and offer young women the same unparalleled educational experience as their male counterparts. The most significant benefit is the shared partnership that St. Anne’s and St. Andrew’s will have. In the 21st century, we know this is the best of both worlds.

St. Anne’s will be a place of learning where girls will be encouraged to find their centre, challenged to develop their voice, and pushed to explore and integrate beyond traditional norms. SAS will serve young women in every capacity, providing an experience as unique and fulfilling as St. Andrew’s College has since 1899. Our students’ experiences will be much richer as we construct and establish a progressive learning environment for generations to come.

Our girls will enter as cygnets – young swans – and throughout their SAS career, will blossom into pens – older female swans – ready to leave the nest and take on the world. What a privilege it will be to partake in and observe this transformation.

It is time to engage, empower, and prepare young women to fulfill their role in the world, and that begins at SAS, a progressive, supportive, and innovative community.

I look forward to serving the St. Anne’s community in what I know will be a triumphant first chapter.

I invite you to explore the St. Anne’s School website and follow our social media channels for frequent updates on our progress. If you are interested in obtaining more information or would like to support the Dream it Forward Campaign, please be in touch at sabrina.dangelo@stannes.ca.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your interest in St. Anne’s School.

Sabrina D'Angelo
Head of School

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