Financial Aid

Affordability can be a major factor in considering St. Anne’s School. Through our fundraising efforts, we have been fortunate to have established a small endowment fund, which we will continue to grow for generations to come.
St. Anne’s can offer small financial-based awards to make your daughter’s St. Anne’s dream become a reality. Every element of the application will be closely evaluated, and prospective students will compete against other incoming students in their grade.
A student must have completed the application process and be considered acceptable to SAS to qualify for financial assistance. Parents must file a Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application through Apple Financial Services. Once the recommendation is received from Apple, a family’s financial aid application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee. SAS does not provide a wide range of financial support at this time, which means that, unfortunately, not all deserving candidate requests can be accommodated.
SAS also does not provide full financial aid support. Our guiding philosophy is to partner with a family in bridging the gap between their demonstrated financial need and the full cost of sending their daughter to SAS. A family must be prepared to invest in their child’s education to a comfortable level. Families must apply for bursary renewal yearly. Should a family’s income remain reasonably static, renewal of your award at previous levels is typical. A current student’s November and March reports are evaluated to renew financial assistance. Students must perform in an exemplary fashion academically, have no disciplinary issues, and participate fully in school life through athletics and other co-curricular offerings.

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